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What’s the biggest challenge when relocating a data center? For most IT executives, a major data center transformation is a once or twice a decade event. For many their most pressing question is:

“What should I be asking now?”

Many organizations successfully move data centers without external assistance, while many turn to outside experts like Cyber 1 Systems to accelerate the project, reduce risk and avoid overloading internal resources. Still others engage a partner for specific pieces of the project. Regardless of where you are on the continuum, Cyber 1 Systems can help.

Cyber 1 Systems is prepared relocate your data centers across North America and the rest of the world. Through migration and consolidation projects Cyber 1 Systems has recognized that there are 3 key elements to every successful relocation:

  • An accurate inventory of all applications, servers, storage and other assets involved
  • A thorough understanding of asset interdependencies
  • A perfect “runbook” — the minute-by-minute move-day plan for all migration activities

To execute these complex projects, Cyber 1 Systems has created a 4 stage methodology, backed by the industry’s premier data center migration solution, Cyber 1 Migration Manager™.

Relocation, Migration, Consolidation

Traditionally, a data center “Relocation” primarily involved physically moving racks of equipment from one location to another. Over the last several years, however, the IT computing landscape has changed, and today’s “virtual” data centers typically include a broad range of physically hosted, virtualized, SaaS and cloud-deployed applications. Many IT professionals refer to the relocation of applications from physical servers to virtual instances (either internally managed with technology like VMware, or deployed into the cloud), or from one virtual/cloud location to another, as a “Migration.”

A smooth, trouble free, transformation of any or all of these environments is best archived through rigorous planning and disciplined relocation project management. Cyber 1 Systems has extensive experience in all of these environments, across hundreds of move events.

Relocation Tools – Cyber 1 Migration Manager™

Based on indursty standards of data center relocation, migration and consolidation, Cyber 1 Systems has created Cyber 1 Migration Manager, our premier data center migration solution. Cyber 1 Migration Manager was built specifically to implement a complete set of best practices for planning and managing all aspects of both physical and virtual data center migrations. By providing all parties with real-time visibility into all relocation activities, Cyber 1 Migration Manager improves communications and collaboration across the team and accelerates migrations while also reducing the risk of unplanned outages.

Cyber 1 Migration Manager has been proven to shorten project elapsed times by 50%, double staff utilization efficiency and virtually eliminate sequence and dependency errors.

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